We have put this page together to help you find products that will enable to you access the outdoors. Also on the Guidelines page there are products used in the construction and adaption of recreational facilities that you can use as a resource for your construction needs. So here is a list of great products and producers to help you access the great outdoors.


If you can not find the product you want, it does not exist, or
maybe its to expensive. Tikkun Olam Kakers, know as TOM for short is a group of inventors/producers that work to meet the needs of persons with disAbilities. All over the world TOM groups are getting together to make what seemed impossible for persons with disAbilities to acquire to making it possible. To learn more and get the help you need visit their website at


One of the challenges of accessing outdoors for some who use wheelchairs for mobility rolling across gravel, mud, grass surfaces. This amazing product helps to overcome these barriers. To get more info and purchase this item visit...


Want to find accessible/adaptive sailing accessories and sailboats? Visit . FunToSail builds the adaptive hamock style wing seats called "Trapseats" for the Hobie 16 and the Strahle adaptive sailing chair for the Hobie Islands and Keelboats, etc. If they do not have what you need they will find it for you if it exists, if not they may be able to create it for you. Visit


One of the big challenges for persons without the use of their legs, persons with balance issues, etc. is getting in and out of their water crafts. A Transfer Bench/Station is a system that is level with a wheelchair seat, which allows the person to move from his chair to the bench, once on the bench the person can slide toward the craft and enter it. Some Transfer Benches have a board like plank that slides out of the bench and over the top of the water craft, allowing a person to drop directly into the water craft. Some Transfer Benches have no transfer slide plank, but is just a level beach, or better ones have shallow steps that one successively moves down to get to the level of their water craft, once at the end of the bench one pivots towards their water craft, and then goes down into the craft (reverse the process to get out). Many Transfer Systems will have a grab rails to assist a person in out of their craft. If no grab rail and/or transfer plank systems are available then its highly likely a person with a disAbility will need assistance from another person with sufficient strength and mobility to assist them in and out of their water craft... not ideal of course, but even without these features a bench will greatly assist in this process.
Cradle/Stability/lifts Systems

Some accessible dock systems have a cradle like system to help stabilize a water craft so its does not rock excessively while a person is getting in and out of their craft. Many of these cradle systems have a hull slide system (rollers) to assist the craft in and out of the water. These systems have a grab rail on both sides of the slide so a person can pull themselves up and down it. Other cradle systems act like an elevator lifting the water craft in and out of the water. Some elevator systems are strong enough to lift the craft out of the water while a person is in it, some are not. 
For more info on pricing, etc. contact FunToSail at or visit


Access Mats and Ramps are hard services made of plastic or metal that can be rolled out or placed in sections on beaches or on soft ground to allow wheeled mobility devices to roll freely down to the edge of or into the water without sinking into the sand or mud. Such systems allow person with a disability to easy go swimming or launch and retrieve their non-motorized water craft. Prices vary from the various manufactures. For plastic mats visit Access Rec, LLC at . For aluminum mats/ramps system visit Roll-A-Ramp at . EZ Docks can build a hard surface permanent or mobile ramp... visit Also visit For additional info contact FunToSail at or visit

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