A.D.O.P.T. which stands for Adopt a Dock (and/or launch), Outdoor Park, or Trail!

ADOPT as we call it is similar to adopt a highway in an effort to help maintain our local accessible outdoor facilities. One of our main focuses is to make sure a site remains accessible to persons with disAbilities. Many times needed work involves cleaning up trash but when it comes to accessibility it involves moving rocks, adding dirt back to accessible paths that have eroded, etc.

Many county, state, and federal agencies deal with limited funding and so they have to pick and choose which projects to work on and which ones wait for much needed maintenance.

As outdoor enthusiast we can help by simply coming together and doing the dirty work to make these sites clean and accessible again. ADOPT is a great project for those youths doing community service, Eagle projects, etc.

If you would like to adopt a dock and launch or other facility within the county you live please contact us and we will work to connect you with the people/agency that needs the help.

We will be posting some ADOPT projects at

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