Access To Outdoors has had an old motto since before the non-profit was even legally formed... “Recreation for Everyone.” 

The ATO family loves to see family and friends enjoy affordable, good quality recreational activities together, no matter their varying abilities or income. Thus, ATO's mission is to increase opportunities in which persons with disabilities may access outdoor recreation with many of their friends and family members... regardless of ability, disability, or income. 

ATO specializes in water access but also works to make other free or low cost outdoor recreational facilities accessible, such as hiking paths, wilderness parks, public restrooms at camping sites, etc.

Access To Outdoors accomplishes this, not only by making outdoor recreational sites accessible to everyone, but also by providing equipment and instructors at scheduled annual events in which the public can go sailing or kayaking for free. 

These public recreational events are specifically made to accommodate those with disabilities, while making them inclusive to everyone. All have fun together, regardless of ability, disability, or income!

In addition to providing and supporting free community recreational opportunities, ATO links up with FunToSail.com to promote safe and affordable sailing and kayak lessons for everyone.

ATO also has an Index on their website revealing HUNDREDS of access points to lakes and rivers in the Inland Northwest ... along with what makes each site great (or not great) to visit!. You can even discover other important points about each site... Is there a campground or park near by? Is the beach nice? And, if there is a restroom, is it accessible? These, and many more questions are answered in the Index and often on other areas of the website.

Whatever your sense of adventure, we hope you will enjoy browsing the website and using it to plan personal or family outings. There is a whole world of breathtaking natural beauty just beyond your backyard. It is a gift. Beginning with the Inland Northwest, let's unwrap and enjoy it together!

Parents of The ATO family,
Miles and Corine Moore

PS. You will notice at the end of each post there is the ability to make comments. So please do so with your questions, ideas, etc. Also via comments you can let others know about events, etc. you are planning.

Thank you for visiting our website accesstooutdoors.com and if you have any questions email us at accesstorecreation@gmail.com or call 208-704-4781. Thank you and happy recreating! :)

The ATO family, 
Miles and Corine Moore 

Snail Mail: 

10314 N Hillview Dr. 
Hayden, ID 83835

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